Here’s What Empress’ Secret Is All About…

You are a woman, as women, we all want to love and feel loved, we all want to look and feel younger and more vibrant than our age. We all want to feel our beautiful feminine energy radiating to the people we love and to the people around us. Think about it, women are the center of the universe. When you are happy, your kids are happy; when you are happy, your husbands or your partners are happy. Yet, as you start approaching mid or late 30s, somehow you feel the aging curve seem accelerating more rapidly than you thought, you expected or you want. You many find yourself often in one or all of the following situations:

  • Easily to feel tired, fatigue, and easily feel irritable about less important things
  • More often menstrual period cramps, pain, blood clots, spotting between periods and other irregularities, such as early or delayed period…
  • Subtle and gradual weight gain at unnoticeable or noticeable pace, especially at mid-section of your body
  • No longer feel that hot passion-filled strong sexual desire with your partner even you love him deeply
  • Occasional sleep disruptions easily lead to frequent insomnia, even you sleep ok still not feel rested and rejuvenated
  • Sometimes you would cry without any reasons, just like sometimes you would get upset without reasons
  • Other health issues start kicking-in at unexpected pace, a little problem here and there, nothing serious but kind of disturbing
  • You noticed more subtle wrinkles around your eyes, you skin are not as smooth as before.

You don’t like cosmetic surgery, yet you wish if only there is a miracle pill that can make you look and feel young and vibrant again.  You are trying to be health conscious, you have some workout routine, not so crazy, just about one or two times a week to keep some sanity, maybe a bit walk with your dog, but you still not feel as good as you want to be, if you’ve asked yourself any of those questions…

… Then you’re in the right place. 

Here’s how Empress’ Secret Will Empower You to Feel Young and Vibrant Again, to Be Irresistible, Desirable at Any Age in the Most Effortless Way….

When it comes to our health and our body, or defying aging, there is typically a very large gap between what we have and what we really want. It is not because what we want is not achievable. More often it is because we lack of the effective solution or path guiding or leading us to where we want. Western medicine is so advanced today when it comes to surgical intervention or emergency rescue to save lives every day, yet at the same time when it comes to finding the answer and solutions to help and guide you to live a healthy life, the western medicine barely can help you with any of those. They cannot give you answer as in regard to why you are having migraine, why your period is so painful, why you can’t sleep, why you don’t have desire to have sex, you can’t get any help from the western medicine, they hardly can even tell you exactly what is really good for you or not.

Traditional Chinese Medicine believes that everything in the universe is interdependent and mutually interactive. Our body is a small universe, just like the macro universe, and should be analyzed with reference to the whole. For example, If your period continues longer than five to seven days and you experience spotting between periods, chances are that your Liver Qi and Spleen Qi are both deeply weakened, and are thus unable to regulate the normal ending of the bleeding. If you have skin problems, be it rash or acne, most likely it is related to lung Qi deficiencies. Essentially, all the organs have to work in harmony so your body can sing like a symphony. Traditional Chinese Medicine believes that the spleen Qi energy is the most fundamental life force and manifests the entire digestive system and thus manifest the healthiness of your entire body.

Many women suffer from a variety of gynecological issues and getting to the point that the only recommendation from the doctor is to have hysterectomy to remove all the female organs. Yet in most cases other health issues start arising even after the hysterectomy, but obviously they are no longer the gynecologist’s problems. At the moment it seemed the problem was solved but actually the same root cause that got you sick at the first place will start manifesting in different parts of our body and reflect in different diseases.

I’m here to bridge that gap. Empress’ Secret is here to bridge that gap, Pure and Simple.

… because it is Not about just addressing your on-going health issues, it is about to have the blissful health that no other health issues would ever come to bother you any more other than just to flow with the natural aging process, which you will have significant power to ride the aging curve more smoothly and slow down the aging, and even to reverse aging in the natural, most effortless way….

 I believe that your body has the most amazing rejuvenating and healing power, if you can learn the most effective way to let your body work. Once you understand the root cause why we got sick at the first point, it will become so much easier to address the root cause rather than just masking or treating the symptoms with pills. Then it will all become effortless to live a life that you have always dreamed of, healthy, vibrant, happy, sexy, radiant and never feel scared of anymore about any ailment because your body will be shielded with your knowledge, wisdom, determination, and super foods that nothing can defeat your anymore. Imagine when you are 60 or 80 years old, you can still do what you are doing today, still enjoy everything that you are enjoying today. Your life has never been so brighter like today.  All it takes is to start today on this journey with me…

What You’ll Find Here: Treasures

  • Simplified philosophy from Traditional Chinese Medicine to decipher the root cause of almost all health issues you are struggling with.
  • Powerful herbs and super foods that you can easily incorporate into your daily diet to unlock your body’s inborn healing power. When your body is empowered to work, it can pretty much get rid of everything that does not belong to your body, be it disease, allergy, chronic infection, endocrine disorder, even for some incurable or terminal disease. 
  • Treasured formula and recipes from thousands years of ancient Chinese Medicine wisdom to help extend your longevity with vitality. 
  • Knowledge and wisdom that you can start implementing into your daily routine to transform your life to where you have always dreamed of and desired to be, so you will radiate your captivating aura wherever you go. 

About Lola Wei

Call my story a “Rise from Ashes” story is not exaggerating…. 

You see, 8 years ago I was in a near-death battle for my life with hyperthyroidism (an incurable autoimmune disease) as well as having a 10-centimeter fibroid in my uterus and an ovarian mass.  I was in the early phase of peri-menopause; and was also suffering from terrible insomnia.

There were moments I thought I was going to die.

I was a single mom of a 2 year old son living here in the United States and all of my family was in China.  I felt lonely, scared, abandoned, and hopeless. The thought that my son might grow up without me was unbearable and painful.

Today, 8 years later, at 45, I am completely healed from my hyperthyroidism, and my thyroid is intact. I am fibroid-free, and my uterus and ovaries are also intact. 

I sleep like a baby every night and I wake up naturally every morning without ever needing an alarm, feeling vibrant, rested and blessed. 

I haven’t taken any medication or supplements for over seven years.  

I don’t have menstrual cramps like I had in my 20s and 30s. In those days I could barely even get out of bed during the first couple of days of my period, since cramps were hitting me like they were going to kill me. Today, at 45, my period is as smooth as a pleasant evening breeze; in fact I hardly notice that it’s here. I don’t have PMS mood swings at all. My hormones are abundant and balanced, and my body sings like a symphony. 

I am doing things that I was not able to do in my 20s, such as ice-skating for three hours immediately after four hours hiking at a trail with an elevation of 800 feet.

My skin is as smooth and as soft as a baby’s.

So you may be wondering what I did, exactly what took care of all my health issues. 

You are about to learn the most powerful and the most incredible secrets about your body. With that knowledge, you will be able to heal almost anything that you may be experiencing or suffering!  

Hold your breath, and let’s start the journey. Click here to read my full story in detail.