How to be happy every day, try this very simple thing for the next 4 weeks, and share with us your experience

Americans are wired to pursue happiness—it is, after all, written in the Declaration of Independence, making it a central mandate of one’s character. Because of this, it is easy to view life as unfair by most people, especially when one doesn’t get his or her way—making them feel upset or down. Harboring these negative feelings, we often forget to see the value of people and opportunities that come our way. So, here’s a challenge to you: Each week, send a thank you note to someone that brought happiness—big or small—to you. It can be for your spouse, a friend, an office co-worker, or someone you just met. Show your appreciation and expect nothing in return. Finding something to be thankful about and communicating that to someone may boost your mood and make you happy.

Posted by Lola Wei Monday, April 14, 2014 8:05:00 AM


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