Empress Restores Health with Empress Secret Drinks

Lola Wei uses Chinese Medicine to Heal Self and Others

My passion for Traditional Chinese Medicine’s natural healing and whole body renewal all started with my own quest to find a remedy for my rapidly declining health back in 2005. At the time I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism, an autoimmune disease that is incurable.  

I fully invested and dived into all the common diets and lifestyle changes to alleviate my suffering;  however I was heading towards the ultimate treatment that my endocrinologist recommended: radioactive iodine to kill the thyroid, and then a regimen of artificial thyroid hormone for the rest of my life.

As a natural fighter, I decided to take charge of my own health, and hold on the the belief that “God made the best, manmade is the worst”!  I resorted to the ancient books of Traditional Chinese Medicine to pursue my relentless quest to beat my disease.  Growing up in a family with generations of Traditional Chinese herbalists, TCM had always been a familiar yet distant subject filled with my memories of my mom brewing fresh ginger to treat my stomach cramp, the unique scent of my grandpa’s herb brew, and the grass-like herbs used in cooking. These were all faint memories that were about to become the bedrock of my battle plan.


When I was at elementary and middle school, my teacher of ancient Chinese Literature never taught us that if you master the ancient language you would have the key to unlock the hidden treasures and the wisdom found in the ancient books. Little did I know that my background of straight A's on my Ancient Chinese Literature will allow me to dive into all the ancient Chinese herbal wisdom with a passion. I was soaking in the knowledge like a sponge! I was enlightened by the philosophy of Traditional Chinese Medicine, which is based on the belief that everything is interdependent and mutually interactive in the universe. Human beings are part of this holistic entity and should be analyzed  with reference to the whole.  I was deeply rooted in the concept that our body works as a unified system rather than independent organs. This concept is the reason why certain inherited weaknesses can contribute to your later predisposition to certain diseases.  In my case I found out that heavy stress and life changing events took a major toll on my system.

I created my own Traditional Chinese Medicine formulation and after 6 weeks of herbal treatment, I was completely off medication, and miraculously all my blood work was back to normal! I was officially declared as in remission from this incurable disease. 

Since then, I‘ve been working on creating a natural drink for general health and rejuvenation.  If you feed your body to stay in balance and continuously nuture and rejuvenate your internal organs you can enjoy and maintain radiant health.

My creation isThe Empress Secret drink!  I have been using these nourishing ingredients myself for years and I have continued to enjoy transformative health like I have never had before.  I feel like I am aging in reverse!  I am doing things now in my forties that I never did in my twenties.  My energy is boundless! Aging is natural process, we can’t fight it, but we can slow down the process. We can renew ourselves.  We can rejuvenate ourselves.  We can make our aging curve much smoother rather than steep.   Like the mythical phoenix bird, our bodies have the natural ability to renew itself.  This drink was created to be the key  to unlock your body’s rejuvenating system so that you too can experience radiant health.