Glow works by combining all natural ingredients that enables the body to do what it was naturally meant to do- Heal itself. These ingredients work together to reverse the effects of aging, making us look and feel younger. It boosts immune system, increases energy and endurance; reduces fatigue and the effects of stress. They contain anti-aging enzyme which is said to help repair damaged proteins. antioxidant, and liver-protective. It invigorates the heart and spleen, nourishes the blood and has a calming effect on the nervous system.

Key Ingredients

Goji Berries - A superfood rich in antioxidants! The polysaccharides in goji berries works wonders with the pituitary gland and stimulates it to release HGH, the Human Growth Hormone. This is in fact the main hormone which controls others and can even reverse the effects of aging, making us look and feel younger.  

Ginseng - Ginseng is one of the most effective anti-aging herb. It boosts immune system, increases energy and endurance; reduces fatigue and the effects of stress. It can also be used for lowering blood glucose levels and controlling blood pressure. Ginseng contains several active substances called panaxosides that are thought to be responsible for the medicinal effects of the herb.                  

Lotus Seeds - Chinese healers have long relied upon lotus seeds to benefit the heart and to tone the spleen and kidneys.  All lotus seeds  contain the anti-aging enzyme  L-isoaspartyl methyltransferase, which is said to help repair damaged proteins. 

As a radio and TV talk show host, my life is fast paced and my mind is racing all the time. I absolutely love the Empress Secret drink, I like the ginger taste and I like the healthiness of the drink with no sugar or sweeteners added at all. But the true miracle happened after I drank it for 3 days, I had the one of the best night sleep that I haven’t had since I was a baby. My girlfriend told me my face was glowing even without wearing any makeup; they asked me if I was doing anything special, yes, of course, I have been drinking the Empress Secret… those girls who made the drink, Lola & Yuping, they are walking angels! I I am so looking forward to telling the world about their stories. Iknow I got the secret and I will never let the Empress Secret away from me from now on…"  

-Stevie K -Stevie K Syndicated TV Show Host


My doctor gave me hormone pills to regulate my menstruation. Boy, I have gained so much weight and I hated it. I stopped the pills being afraid of more weight gain but I still needed help. A friend of mine was saying that she was having better flows after drinking Empress Secret. Really? With hopes that it will work for me too, I drank it every morning, for 21 days. Better than taking the hormone pills! When I saw the healthy flow arrives on time, I was overwhelmed by joy! What a blessing! No more hormone pills.  I am in debt to Empress Secret drink!

 Jill, Las Vegas, NV


I saw the Empress Secret drink in a Spa and thought $10 a bottle is pricy. The girl working at the Spa swears by it. She said her skin felt so much healthier. If the drink can add some pink color to my cheek, I am willing to buy a case. I am 49, the cheek doesn’t turn pink any more without some blush. OMG, I love the drink! It tastes good and it gives me a GLOW. The natural glow! I say it is better than buying makeup! Buy this drink. This is my investment for my skin.

Francine, San Francisco, CA


My acupuncturist approves it! He said it is all good stuff in the Empress Secret drink. So I started to drink it and I have been drinking one a day for three weeks now. Sleeping better for sure. My boyfriend says it is Chinese hooey, it is all in my head. But he sure enjoys more frequent bedroom dates! Do they sell Empress Secret lingerie too? Ha, ha,…that would be fun!


Theresa, Reno, NV


Dear Lola & Yuping, creators of Empress’ Secret:                                                              

I am writing to express my gratitude in your developing this product and making it available to consumers like myself.   This is no ordinary beverage product and should surely be marketed as a Chinese medicine root tonic, not as a tea!   

I received a case of the product and had the opportunity to enjoy it daily for a couple of weeks.   I experienced several positive effects and wanted to share my experien