traveled thousands of miles from China to the United States to pursue my dreams of success, magic and adventure. I attended one of the top business school and established a successful career in the US. As I achieved all the external success in life my health began to fail  proportionately to my achievements as I aged.  I deligently tried western medicine but it did not help.

Being born and raised in China, I grew up with traditional Chinese herbs as a normal part of life. I instinctively knew there was a lot of wisdom in 5000 years of Chinese herbal history waiting to be discovered. With determination I passionately researched and deciphered the hidden formulations found in ancient books and tried them on myself. The result was and is amazing! I transformed my health by using the ingredients that were yet to be bottled into the Empress Secret drink. I have so much more energy today and I look younger, healthier and happier.

The Empress Secret drink was born with my desire to share this hidden treasure with the world. To produce the Empress Secret drink we’ve gone through a long and challenging process in finding qualified ingredients’ suppliers and brewing facilities. Today the Empress Secret drink is produced by an ISO certified facility and each batch delivers consistent flavor and nutritional benefits.

We share with you radiant health in a bottle. This is the Empress Secret Drink.